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A message from Laura – why buy a franchise!

A message from Laura – why buy a franchise!

Why buy a baby swimming franchise

How does a franchise work? Franchises are all different, a franchise with Baby Squids works like this. You have a dedicated territory area which essentially means you are buying the opportunity to run those classes in certain postcode areas. For this you pay an initial fee, this differs depending on the size of the area you would like to buy AND if there are existing pools running with customers already bringing in profit. We have chopped and changed how this works so that there is a lot of flexibility around how the initial fee is paid including a variety of options that can span over the first few years of running your new business. This has worked amazingly for 50% of our current franchisee especially as they have all at least doubled in numbers since taking over!

What do you get? You get all of the tools you need to run your business from the start so you can really get going. There are 10 years worth of experience of what works and what doesn’t! Essentially you learn from all the hard work and grit that went into creating the brand in the first place, there is a huge amount of continued development that give y.

Why buy a franchise? I get asked this a lot when talking to potential franchisees and I completely understand why the question is asked. There is so much opportunity to open your own business that why would you need a franchise offering? At Baby Squids we have spent YEARS developing the most efficient ways of working, from process customers payments to optimising our google presence to ensure lessons are found quickly! This leaves you all the time you need to get out in your local community and spread the word about your amazing classes!

Why franchising works? There are a few reasons why this works so well, Baby Squids used to be an independent business, but that is really tough to manage across different sites. With teacher changes and customers keen to have a local presence we have seen some of our areas triple in class sizes, pool hours and turnover! And these are areas we have been in for 10 years, serious factual proof that it’s a brilliant model for all involved.

Franchising means you are in a team of business owners! The team environment is amazing, Baby Squids franchisees and teachers have a variety of communication methods which means they are never alone. There is always someone who has an answer or an idea whether it’s relating to marketing locally, payroll, insurance, systems and processes! When running a business on your own this can be exhausting and take up significant amounts of time. It’s also really hard to find people in similar positions to reach out to when starting a new business. You
have a ready made team of supportive business owners at the touch of a button!

Lastly I asked our franchisees what was the best thing about franchising and this is what they came up with!

“My self motivation has never been higher, I can see exactly how successful the business can be and it has helped me grow by over 50%”

“The flexibility I now have is crazy compared to the situation I was in two years ago as a teacher. I absolutely love the opportunity to work around my children and my exercise so that I have time for myself whilst still have the earning potential to pay the bills!”

“Financial freedom! The last two years I have spent growing the business is now giving me the opportunity to have family holidays I never thought I would have. And all whilst doing what I love, working with children and families is motivating and rewarding and to be able to do this and earn a good income is a dream come true.”

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