As a franchise owner you are your own boss, you set your own pace and structure your own time. You have all the building blocks provided to set up your successful swimming teaching business and, from that point on, that success is entirely in your own hands.

Finding Suitable Pools

Before you can start teaching lessons, the first thing you will need to do is find suitable swimming pools and secure hire agreements for each. We have years of experience doing this and will be here every step to help get you off to a flying start!


This is where being a franchisee comes into its own. Because you know the local area, you are the expert! You know the parent and baby groups, the local networks and the community. We have loads of new social media tips to get you started, and a great understanding of what works and doesn’t work on and offline to ensure you have the right pitch to build interest. From designing your leaflet to building online awareness to networking at local events, we will work with you to ensure marketing your new business is a success.

Customer Service

At the heart of everything we do is the Baby Squids experience. From their first email to you to their very last lesson, waving goodbye, we know what your customers want and need. World-class customer service really does work. We’ve seen it in action, making the difference time and time again. Looking after your customers creates vital word of mouth and repeat business and, ultimately, is the number one way to grow your numbers.


Networking may seem like just a buzz-word but it really works. Your local area is already full of fantastic children’s activity providers and although you might see them as competitors we believe they are your best friends! Getting involved, or partnering, with other small businesses, coffee shops, baby groups and lessons are a great way to boost your presence in the local area. It is also a fantastic opportunity to find out what your local customers are like, this will help you with all areas of your new business. There’s also nothing like being part of a group of small business owners sharing hints and tips, highs and lows, and all important connections. Networking can be daunting but it really can be lots of fun, and we will help you find the best ways to do this in your area.

Teaching Classes

Now for the fun part! Teaching lessons is one of the best parts of this business, and you may choose to do one or two a week or the whole lot! At the end of the day, getting in the water and having fun is what it’s all about! If you have teachers working for you, we always suggest getting as much feedback from them about what is working in their lessons. This will help you engage customers in social media competitions and posts, and think about how you can further develop your lessons and locations. We know that customers will adore their teachers and a brilliant teacher will always be your greatest selling point!

Work Life Balance

Running your own business is hard work but also gives you tremendous flexibility. You choose when and where you work; you are in charge of your work life balance. With the backing of Baby Squids head office to support you, you can ensure your business fits with your life goals. If you are a parent then the flexibility of running your own business is incredible, ensuring you can do the school run and be there to cheer your child on from the sidelines in their own events.

Huge opportunities to grow and develop

One of the most exciting parts of setting up your own business is the chance to do something you have never done before. Teaching more lessons, selling more merchandise, learning new marketing skills, and building a business network are just some of the things you will be doing. The personal development and satisfaction opportunities means the potential to succeed both financially and personally are second to none.