Franchise Earning Potential

Your earnings will depend on the number of classes you can run and the number of children you sign up to each class. We help you through the process of training to teach, finding pools, marketing to families and growing your business. Exactly how much you earn is down to you! We offer you flexibility and you can choose the size of the area you want. For a reasonable investment, we offer you an affordable franchise that gives you genuine value for money. You can choose a small or large area, and the investment starts from just £6000.

The Snowball Effect, and how to build a profitable business

As you build your Baby Squids business it is worth considering that 90% of the revenue you generate is likely to be from previous customers.


Although at Baby Squids we don’t currently run a recurring monthly membership model, by consistently providing excellent service we ensure that our customers buy from us again and again. Your first sale to each customer will be the hardest sale. But, never fear, you will find that subsequent sales (and the subsequent monthly payments) are much simpler yet just as fruitful.


This recurring model means you can build your revenue quickly and build a level of financial security. You can then watch your customer numbers grow and predict future revenue potentials. Retaining your customers with world-class customer experience, and combining this with strong new customer sales, will ensure your revenue (and profit!) grows month-on-month.


Your profit will depend on a number of things:


  • the number of classes you run
  • how much your venues cost to hire
  • whether you do all the teaching, or you employ swimming teachers
  • how much you spend on marketing


Your main revenue stream will be from your swimming lesson fees, however, there are also other opportunities for you to increase your earnings such as:


  • running intensive swimming courses during school holidays
  • selling merchandise such as swimming nappies & clothing


Naturally, with all the training and support you’ll receive from head office (plus, of course, your own commitment and hard work), you’ll soon be set up to run a successful business that provides excellent rewards and opportunities for growth.

squid on snowball

A real life example of potential earnings

Based on the performance of our Salisbury territory, an average class of 6 students will generate £3042 in sales. That means that:

How many classes will I be running?

Average Revenue

10 classes (5 hours of classes with 60 children)
15 classes (7.5 hours of classes with 90 children)
20 classes (10 hours of classes with 120 children)
25 classes (12.5 hours of classes with 150 children)
30 classes (15 hours of classes with 180 children)

The table above gives you an idea of the level of revenue you could achieve in a Baby Squids franchise. Because profit margins depend heavily on your territory and how efficiently you operate, we only go through a more detailed projection in a one-to-one session. Get in book a call to get this arranged…