Baby Squids franchisees come from all walks of life. Meet Nadina Robson, the New Forest and Christchurch franchisee. Nadina worked with Laura for 5 years prior to buying the franchise. Nadina knew how good the model was to work with and that she could successfully increase the flexibility within her life and make some good money in the process! We asked Nadina some questions about how franchising has been so far.


Read more about Nadina’s journey below…….and remember our franchisees are very happy to chat to anyone who might be interested so get in touch to arrange a discovery call!

Are you enjoying running your own business?

Yes I love it, having the ability to make my own decisions and control how I run my life, when I work, etc has been hugely beneficial to me and my family. I also feel that having focus on the local area gives so many benefits to growing your business. I have loved getting out and about and networking in the area.

What are your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenge has been getting my head around the HMRC and financial recording stuff. Admittedly this was not my strong point but I have had great support from Laura and the rest of the HQ team. I find anything related to technology challenging, but the team have been fantastic supporting me with the class management system and providing other tools to make better use of my time. I love how I can pick and choose when I am working which is incredibly flexible!

How did you fund your franchise purchase?

In the end I funded it through a small remortgage, but there were a variety of options that I looked at including specific franchise loans as well as selling my car. I was surprised how many options are out there, way more than I had considered when Laura and I first chatted about it.

What is a typical day like for you?

Every day is different which is what I love! Every day also involves the business but I feel confident taking a day off now without worrying about what is happening in my absence. I get to take my kids to school everyday and be there when they have important events. On days when I need a day to do stuff at home I will work in the evening for an hour and if I want to work an evening then my week will be pretty busy. The balance is incredible and I wouldn’t change it now I have it!!

How has it changed your day to day life?

Being my own boss comes with so many positives, being able to manage my own time and making decisions based on instinct has naturally come. And with the support of Laura I have found very quickly I am confident with what I am doing. Financially it has been really worthwhile, I can see within just a few months I will be getting a full return on my initial investment, which is absolutely great.

What do you get from Baby Squids that makes it unique?

Baby Squids is all about support, the way that the teachers support each other across the franchise network would give no doubt to anyone getting involved that this is the heart of what we are about. The Baby Squids team are adaptable and supportive in a way that is unique to any business I have come across. Laura strives to ensure that you are doing the best you can do for yourself whilst running what is a hugely successful and popular business. If you are unsure she will always find the time to chat and help you decide what is the best route for you to take.

What would you say to someone interested in their own franchise?

TALK TO LAURA, you could be just a ten minute conversation away from making the kind of changes I have. I honestly wouldn’t change a thing, the flexibility in my life has improved things for my whole family. And you can always chat to me if you would like more information too, I am very passionate about helping and supporting other people from a similar background who are interested in taking the same steps.


Nadina Robson, Baby Squids New Forest & Christchurch Franchise Owner